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Mighty is the tiny Spotify and Amazon Music player
Mighty plays your Spotify and Amazon Music without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.
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Neil Riddle
Nice little product

Received last week, worked well our of the box first time. Bit of trouble getting to connect second time round had to un-pair and then re-pair headphones. Hopefully not going to be a regular issue. Performance wise when it works it's bang on and exactly what I was looking for for running. Only other requirement would be fully waterproof.
If I could go 3.5 start I would

Abigail Patterson
Safe listening for kids

Bought this for my son so he can listen to music without having Internet access as would with a tablet. Great wee device, tiny, robust and easy to set up. Thanks mighty!!

Michael Cowling
Great thing in a TINY package

I've been thinking about one of these for a while so made the ideal Xmas present and I think it's great. Set up was easy and now it's up and running it's so much more comfortable then carrying a phone but so much more flexible than a MP3 player! Love it!!

Collette Smith
Mighty MP3 player

Broke after 3 weeks of light use. The headphones kept falling out. It skipped songs. Then crackled. Now it won't even charge. I think I narrowly avoided being electrocuted. Because of my clothes and fancy headphones.

Amy Wright

This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Using the app was so easy to set up Mighty and to transfer my playlists from Amazon Music. It’s lightweight and clips on to clothing so don’t have to fiddle about in pockets. I hate using my chunky phone to listen to my music so this is a fabulous solution.

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The press
" Mighty helps you focus entirely on you and your music without worrying about distractions. "
" This little device got me through all of my solo 20 milers. "
" A tiny Spotify player that frees you from your phone. "
" Don’t worry runners, this device replaces the dead iPod Shuffle. "
" The Spotify iPod Shuffle I’ve been asking for forever, this is HUGE. "
" Judging by the voracious response, people are hungry for it."
" Mighty Vibe is the ultimate fitness tool. "
" Thanks to improvements to Bluetooth and battery life, the Mighty Vibe delivers. "
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