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Mighty plays your Spotify and Amazon Music playlists without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.
*Amazon Music functionality coming soon.


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Mighty plays your Spotify and Amazon Music playlists without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.
*Amazon Music functionality coming soon.
Streaming music offline

Take advantage of your Spotify Premium and enhance your streaming music experience beyond the phone.

Tiny & Lightweight

1.5" x 1.5" x 0.64” (38 x 38 x 16.0mm)

0.7 ounces (20 grams)

WiFi & Bluetooth enabled

Pairs wirelessly with your phone for music syncing and compatible with both Bluetooth and wired headphones.

8+ Hours of playback

Mighty's battery lasts longer than most of your workouts.

1000+ Song storage

Dozens of playlists, hundreds of hours of music, podcasts, or stories.

Premium Audio Quality

High performance stereo playback with 100 dB SNR; THD+N -90 dB

Voiceover playlist navigation

Our Playlist Selector button allows for easy playlist scrolling where Mighty speaks the name of each playlist into your headphones.

Stay Fresh technology

Mighty automatically updates your playlists and podcasts each night so you always have your freshest music.

Drop resistant

Mighty is durable enough to handle accidental drops and tumbles. It takes the punishment that your phone can't handle.

Water Resistant

Mighty is "water resistant", able to withstand splashes, sweat, even a light rain. IPX4 rated.

    Amazon Music integration is coming soon. Once complete, you will be able to sync and listen to Amazon Music Unlimited as well as access Amazon curated playlists for free with a Prime membership.

    Amazon Music Unlimited
    Choose from over 50 million songs, thousands of curated playlists and stations, and get personalized recommendations.

    Music Included with Prime
    Enjoy a curated catalog of two million songs and playlists. Always ad-free and included with your Prime membership.

    Don't have Amazon Music? Click here to learn more.

    Mighty can be used with Amazon Music in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

    Mighty works with all Spotify Premium plans, including Spotify Family, Spotify Students, and Spotify Kids.

    Don't have Spotify Premium? Click here to learn more.

    Mighty can be used in every country where Spotify is available.

    • Storage Capacity: 1,000+ tracks (8GB)
    • Battery Capacity: 8+ hours of listening time on a single charge
    • Temperature Range: 0 to 95 Fahrenheit / -17 to 35 Celsius (battery capacity may decrease in temperatures lower than 32 Fahrenheit / 0 Celsius)
    • Buttons: Power, shuffle, song fwd/back, volume up/down, playlist selector (with spoken playlist names)
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth for playback, WiFi for syncing
    • Compatible With: Bluetooth and wired headphones and speakers
    • Content Supported: Playlists and podcasts
    • Playback Mode: Offline - no phone or connection needed
    • Playback Requirements: Spotify Premium or Amazon Music* (Amazon Music integration coming soon)
    • App Support: iOS 9 and above, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above
    • Dimensions: 1.5” x 1.5” x 0.7”
    • Weight: 0.7 ounces
    • Included: Charger, Quick Start Guide (headset not included)

    Does Mighty work with wired and Bluetooth headphones?
    Yes. Mighty has a standard audio jack for traditional wired headsets and it can also be paired with Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

    How water resistant is Mighty?
    The regular Vibe and Mighty 3 are splash resistant to IPX4.

    Do I need a smartphone?
    Yes. You currently need a smartphone running iOS or Android to sync your playlists to Mighty.

    Do I need Spotify Premium?
    Yes. You need Spotify Premium or Spotify Family to use Spotify on Mighty.

    Does Mighty work in other languages?
    The Mighty voice prompts are currently in English only. We are working on translating voice prompts into other languages.

    Does Mighty play MP3s?
    Mighty is designed to take your streaming music offline. Mighty currently plays Spotify and Amazon Music* (Amazon Music integration coming soon) playlists and podcasts. It does not work with MP3s

    How much storage place does Mighty have?
    Mighty holds 1,000+ songs. That is equivalent to 8GB.

    When will my Mighty work with Amazon Music?
    We are working with the team at Amazon Music to get the this service option live. We anticipate the having Amazon Music working by the end of 2023.

    Your fitness partner
    Entertainment without a screen
    Easy setup
    Get the Mighty app
    Choose your music service
    Wirelessly sync your playlists
    Put your phone down and go

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2419 reviews
    Amy Adams
    Great option for all ages!

    I’ve had my eye on getting a mighty for awhile for myself to have an option to listen to my Spotify music without the distractions from my smartphone. I recently ordered one for my dad as he is going through cancer treatments and wanted to listen to music but doesn’t have a smartphone. This has been working great so far! I can load it up with playlists he likes, and it’s simple and easy to navigate, connect a pair of headphones, press play, and he’s ready to go! Thanks for creating this product, I will definitely recommend this music player to everyone. Whether you’re tech savvy or not, need to take a break from the smartphones but still want your music, or want to share curated playlists with your kids, definitely give the mighty a try. Glad this player exists for this gap in the market!

    Linda Taylor
    Small but...

    Mighty indeed. I was initially troubled by the fact that the Amazon software won’t be in place for a wee bit. Then Spotify offered me two free months, so I grabbed it and setup was easy and glitch-free. Looking forward to listening to my pods and music as I drift off to sleep, without having the phone near me. This was a gift from my kids for my birthday and it’s making me happy.

    Cash Walters
    Best purchase ever

    Love it so much!! I've had it for years now and it still works like a dream. Holds THOUSANDS of songs and has everything you need to listen to music. The best thing ever l. You should buy it now.

    I would give like 10stars if that was possible. Thank you Mighty for making such a great product that will last forever, is super reliable and is basically indestructible.

    Erik Haugarth
    Back to basics

    Exactly what we needed for our 6 yo since we don’t do screen time for them. We were really struggling to find a music solution that he could make his own. Works great. Slow sync but we don’t mind.

    Jonathan Clark
    Works great

    Fits my needs exactly. After breaking 2 cell phones while jogging I needed something lightweight and durable to listen to while i workout. Smaller and lighter than i expected. Can't speak to Bluetooth connectivity since I use wired headphones. Sync is very easy and I like the voiceover that tells me which Playlist I'm on. Battery life seems limited but not enough to be a concern.

    We make our own mixtapes...
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    The press
    " Mighty helps you focus entirely on you and your music without worrying about distractions. "
    " This little device got me through all of my solo 20 milers. "
    "A tiny Spotify player that frees you from your phone. "
    " Don’t worry runners, this device replaces the dead iPod Shuffle. "
    " The Spotify iPod Shuffle I’ve been asking for forever, this is HUGE. "
    " Judging by the voracious response, people are
    hungry for it. "
    " Mighty Vibe is the ultimate fitness tool. "
    " Thanks to improvements to Bluetooth and battery life, the Mighty Vibe delivers."
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