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Millions of songs, stories, and podcasts to entertain your kids without any screen time

Keeping little minds occupied and avoiding meltdowns is challenging. For many parents, the glowing screen has become the tool of choice. Our Mighty music player offers entertainment from Spotify and Amazon Music, all packed into a tiny, easy to use device - plus, there’s no screen time!

Parents Pick the Playlists

You choose the playlists, kids control what’s playing. Mighty holds over 1,000 songs and stories, so it’s up to you to fill the space. To get you started, we’ve put together a few of our own favorite children’s playlists that you can check out:

Less Screen Time

Whether singing along to the music, listening to the audio stories, or just dancing around, your kids will have the entertainment they need, but without the distractions and negative impacts of a screen.

Increase the playtime, decrease the screentime!

Parent Friendly Setup

  • 1. Get the Mighty app
  • 2. Sync Spotify* or Amazon Music playlists
  • 3. Give Mighty to your kid and relax
  • (*Spotify Premium Required)

Easy to Use

Mighty has real physical buttons and a voice that speaks what playlist you are on, making Mighty a breeze to use.

Both Bluetooth and wired headphones and speakers work with Mighty.

The Mighty Vibe

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