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The Mighty Story

We started Mighty because we love streaming music, but found ourselves lugging our smartphone with us everywhere we went just so that we could listen to our music. We thought, there must be a better way. So we partnered with Spotify, the world's largest streaming service, and created Mighty. Mighty is the first ever portable device that plays Spotify without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.

Mighty exists to keep the music going in the times when your phone should be off or left behind. It's a simple, calm way to listen to streaming music without the bulk and distractions of your smartphone. Some people have told us that Mighty is 'the modern iPod Shuffle' and, well, we agree! The Shuffle was a glorious product for it's time and we view Mighty as the next step in the evolution of the portable music player.

The Mighty Team

Anthony Mendelson


Chris Chorey


Mark Gullickson

Product Design

Daniel Gloyd

User Experience

Ann Yuan


Indy Bishop


Lindsey Paskiewicz


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